10 days to go

There are 10 days before the official opening
so if you haven't started writing before then you really should

Make sure you've notified me of the intent to enter (though I'll be taking entries up to the last minute)
there is an extension option if you NEED it, ask about it closer to the time

feel free to post hints, tips and progress meters here
you can use a title that doesn't apply, for example I refered to Mikado as Kitsune Drift, people knew it was an OTP novella entry but didn't know which was mine

if you need a second ear (you should have a beta - there are a few volunteers left for anyone struggling) about details I am here if you want me, I am available on either Y!Messenger or AIM, you can drop me a line by email

I'd rather be a hands on mod than some vague THOU SHALT NOT! mod

of course flamers and trollers will be fed to farfarello in his pit, that goes without saying, but just ask

it seems that hopeforlorn is closing, so make sure to dash over there for translations quickly
EDIT white_cross_b has informed me that the translations have been moved over to InsaneJournal under the name hopeforlorn
and most of all


oh, and being a member of the comm doesn't mean i have you on the to compete list, kay, so if you haven't notified me just drop me a message saying you want to play too

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19 days left till the official opening

I just wanted to remind you that there is no deadline on joining
however if you come a week before the deadline wanting an extension, I will say no
there is absolutely no repercussions for dropping out - 50k is a lot and no matter how hard you all try some of you will not finish

It is much better to let me know and drop out than coming along at the last minute.

I have secured deals with some fan artists
and I have some betas lined up if anyone needs one
also if you just want someone to run against - a writing buddy - the option is there

I'll post again with a countdown and a word counter.
Remember there is NO upper limit although I might be coerced into accepting a story that is just under as long as it is just under.
All stories will be posted with wordcounts from the same PC to make it fair
and they will all be posted anonymously so you have the same chance as much more famous names in the fandom.

Everyone is welcome to try
and signing up is just a matter of letting me know you think you might like to compete
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Competition Notice for weiss Kreuz novella

I'm running a novella competition for Weiss, much like the one for GW OTP
the address is weiss_novella
and the rules are here
I'm of a the more the merrier bent, so everyone please sign up


The Weiss Kreuz Novella challenge

this will run from 1st October to 31st December
Entries will be posted IN FULL anonymously by Jan 15th
winners will be announced no later than March 31st

Mods can't enter (but are available for help if needed)
you must announce your intention to enter (but this is not definite) for the mods to make sure there are enough prizes and help if needed.

All entrants will recieve a banner.
All completed entries will receive a second banner.
A third banner will be available for winners.
A generic banner will be available for promoting the competition.

The grand prize winner will receive a box of delights from yaoi-manga.com worth no less than $50 (this can be exchanged if requested)
the top three will recieve a commission of a scene of their choice from their entry by an artist of their choice who is active in the fandom.
All entries will recieve a bound copy of their book as a memento.

There are NO theme restrictions
There are NO pairing restrictions
Entries must be longer than 50,000 words
Entries must be complete

Entries will be judged for rating by the mods and listed by the BBFC system
but the warnings will be age restricted so as not to include spoilers

for example
18 - Contains very strong language, strong violence and sexual violence - ie NCS
15 - Contains moderate horror, sex and nudity (most lemons will be here) [this was from the Wicker man - original- to give you an idea of how extreme this can be
12a - Contains moderate sex references and one use of mouthed strong language
pg - Contains moderate violence and mild scary scenes
U - Contains very mild language and comic fight scenes


Also because I'm an idiot about these things
if you can think of anywhere this could be pimped and I have completely forgotten, feel free to just cut and paste it
crawford speechless from bnd

(no subject)

A suggestion from your meddling mod

clarediva and I have been writing 50k original epics this month and what we've found is that we work better when we can see what the other is doing
mostly because we're competitive and we each have to be in the lead.
This means we are moving much quicker than we would have on our own

if you wish to do this with another writer, let me know
I'll supply the word count meter and a pair for you and you can bounce off each other
long fics are a lonely process and I'm here to help if i can
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Can anyone give me a more exact meaning of Yohji's image flower, cattleya? I've found several generic meanings of orchids, but I can't seem to find any more specific things than wealth, beauty, etc.

So, can anyone help me out?
chibi tatsumi from bnd

Writer's resources

those of you who have signed up already are probably either confident with your plot or running around like headless chickens with an idea and no idea what to do with it
I know there is at least one first timer for this kind of length
so... I'll be posting helpful hints here
all of these will be by acknowledged writers and free!
even if it means me typing them up out of my own text books from uni

I won't add something here if i think it's complete tosh
but if any of you have found something useful feel free to post it

Today's entry is called Mugging the Muse
and it is helpful for basic things
I swore by it a few years ago when i was working on a loooooong fantasy original, and so far I've found two books better (Stein on writing and Orson Scott Card's book on world building)

it is not the be all and end all but it's a good place to start

Also from experience (I have more than clocked up my million words, most of my stories come out at about 200k) pace yourself
don't sit down three days before the deadline and hammer it out - you will kill yourself

if you find the story going in a new direction from the one you meticulously planned - that happens ALOT - go with it

and my own fave, if the character you have spent thirty pages stalking in preparation for Farfarello killing gets away whilst Crawford trips falls down a manhole and breaks his neck, roll with it - it will happen as well - they duck

if you need someone to whine to about how this story is NEVER GOING TO END (you'll get that too) feel free, I've been there and written the book
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bored now from safire icons

(no subject)

Just a reassurance about the new "legislation" from LJ

the stories were never going to be here anyway,
the amazing white_cross_b has kindly donated some of her space for us to use

so Free/Michel i have no problem with it XP
Nagi I never considered him a problem and neither did the japanese govt

on another note did you know that Weiss Kreuz was the German name for chemical warfare in WW1, like Agent Orange was for the Americans
they'd send missions for Weiss Kreuz to infiltrate

if anyone wants to run with that - help yourselves
just useless trivia i found when looking for fanfics

you don't need to have a romantic pairing if you don't want to
any pairing if you want one goes
if you think it's something questionable (like Hirofumi/Nagi) or something let me know before hand, I can't see it being a problem but it's better to be safe than sorry

and also feel free to ask me any questions

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*raises hand* Question!

I'm just wondering if anyone can refresh me as to what kind of place Schwarz live in if it was ever mentioned. An apartment? Mansion? I know about the "Star Room" form the anime and Farfie's cell-like room from the manga, but any other details would be wonderful! Thank-you in advance!

Also, to the mods, is it okay if I submit a banner or two for weiss_novella? Or make one for myself to use instead of the two that are up already?
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A question that has been bugging me for a long time...

This is really for a fic I wrote a while back but as there are a nice group of knowlegeable people here and it might be useful for canon...

Can anyone tell me what the plate by the door of Yohji and Asuka's apartment says? I think it is in the last episode of Gluhen - Yohji has left the hospital and is happily living with Asuka Mk3, going to work in a suit and generally being a different person without any memory of Weiss. There is a shot of this plate with writing on by their door, it lingers long enough to suggest that it is significant but it isn't translated on my DVDs in either sub-titles or dubbed. I suspect it says Mr and Mrs ----, but I would really like to know! And know what name he was using at this time in canon. I don't have the manga to be able to check that for the info.
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