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Deadline review and new option

Due to one thing and another on my part and the complete lacklustre reception this year
I'm putting the deadline back to December 31 midnight

this gives you an extra TWO months
the reason it's so late, among other things, is that if you do do a weiss for nano it gives you time to bring it up to snuff, get it betaed, that kind of thing

there is a prize allocation for THREE prizes - so three entries everyone wins!
and I'm offering another commission for a extra category
30k minimum Harlequin challenge - the rules for that bit are simple, if harlequin wouldn't touch it neither would i, steal the plot from the back, as cheesy as you like, and run with it
if i get no other entries for the bigger one I will move the prizes over

so that should help drum up interest a bit, ne
Tags: deadline extension
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