The Devil's handmaiden (seraphim_grace) wrote in weiss_novella,
The Devil's handmaiden


Just a reminder that the deadline is starting to loom
You have until the end of October to finish
no one has told me that they're entering this year
and if we have no entrants the commission goes to me, the money is set aside for it, there are some truly fantastic artists signed up this year, truly truly fantastic ones, and all the ones from last year
and all we need now are entries

remember an intention to enter is just that, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, no repercussions because of the size
also a deadline might be available upon my discretion (if you have a genuine reason)

Now the rules are very vague and most things are fine
so if you have a great big WIP that you're nearly finished and isn't posted anywhere feel free to try,
it ends a month early this year so as not to clash with Nano

the only thing i ask is it not be posted anywhere and you don't advertise the name of your story so that the vote, if i get more than two entries, can be truly anonymous
if i only get a few entries, everyone wins like they did last year.
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