The Devil's handmaiden (seraphim_grace) wrote in weiss_novella,
The Devil's handmaiden

Novella reminder

Just a reminder we are running again this year!
don't let my success and amazing abilities distract you xp

1st november is the deadline (just in time for nano) and as you know very few restrictions

I'm offering the top 3 stories (or in last years case both entries) a commission

if you want to donate to the prize fund let me know
the more donations = the more prizes. Donations will not count as bribes however as it should be public vote (but three stories = 3 prizes, 10 stories - top 3 prizes... daddy megabucks appears everyone gets prizes....)

If you didn't read last years entries you genuinely missed out as they were both fantastic
and are available here

with the one commission that is ready, the other one is being coloured as we speak
(artists in weiss, where do you vanish to, there is a black hole somewhere that leads to the circles of saturn where there are nothing but weiss kreuz fan artists and right socks)

if you want to be considered as an artist feel free to pimp yourself, the winners choose the artists but I'll more than happily put you forward.
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