Deadline review and new option

Due to one thing and another on my part and the complete lacklustre reception this year
I'm putting the deadline back to December 31 midnight

this gives you an extra TWO months
the reason it's so late, among other things, is that if you do do a weiss for nano it gives you time to bring it up to snuff, get it betaed, that kind of thing

there is a prize allocation for THREE prizes - so three entries everyone wins!
and I'm offering another commission for a extra category
30k minimum Harlequin challenge - the rules for that bit are simple, if harlequin wouldn't touch it neither would i, steal the plot from the back, as cheesy as you like, and run with it
if i get no other entries for the bigger one I will move the prizes over

so that should help drum up interest a bit, ne
weiss kreuz


Just a reminder that the deadline is starting to loom
You have until the end of October to finish
no one has told me that they're entering this year
and if we have no entrants the commission goes to me, the money is set aside for it, there are some truly fantastic artists signed up this year, truly truly fantastic ones, and all the ones from last year
and all we need now are entries

remember an intention to enter is just that, if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen, no repercussions because of the size
also a deadline might be available upon my discretion (if you have a genuine reason)

Now the rules are very vague and most things are fine
so if you have a great big WIP that you're nearly finished and isn't posted anywhere feel free to try,
it ends a month early this year so as not to clash with Nano

the only thing i ask is it not be posted anywhere and you don't advertise the name of your story so that the vote, if i get more than two entries, can be truly anonymous
if i only get a few entries, everyone wins like they did last year.

Novella reminder

Just a reminder we are running again this year!
don't let my success and amazing abilities distract you xp

1st november is the deadline (just in time for nano) and as you know very few restrictions

I'm offering the top 3 stories (or in last years case both entries) a commission

if you want to donate to the prize fund let me know
the more donations = the more prizes. Donations will not count as bribes however as it should be public vote (but three stories = 3 prizes, 10 stories - top 3 prizes... daddy megabucks appears everyone gets prizes....)

If you didn't read last years entries you genuinely missed out as they were both fantastic
and are available here

with the one commission that is ready, the other one is being coloured as we speak
(artists in weiss, where do you vanish to, there is a black hole somewhere that leads to the circles of saturn where there are nothing but weiss kreuz fan artists and right socks)

if you want to be considered as an artist feel free to pimp yourself, the winners choose the artists but I'll more than happily put you forward.

2007 submissions now closed

I have c losed the submissions for the competition

I have recieved 2 entries so the voting part is pretty much null and void

I'd like to thank marasmine and spiritaway for their entries which will be posted by the end of the week.

If both of them would get in contact with me I can arrange their prizes.

I'd also like to advertise for a mod for next year's competition (which hopefully should have more entries)

2008's competition starts now!
the deadline is Nov 1st
enjoy yourselves.
I'll let you know when the fics are up.


You have 14 days left to finish due to the revised deadline

so far I have recieved one entry, and acknowledged it, so if you've sent it and got no answer I either didn't get it or it went to spam and I killed it without noticing so please send it again

this is just a quick reminder, you have 14 days left.


You have 9 days to finish on schedule
if anyone needs the extension let me know
if enough people need it I'll waive the deadline to the 20th of Jan (just past my birthday - originally the extension ended on it - last thing I want to be doing around mouthfuls of cake)

as far as I know at least one of you is in the final stretch of checking the story over

if three or less than you finish - because it's the first year and I kinda sprung it on you
I will honour you all with the first prize.


I will remind you that there are no repercussions of dropping out
if you drop out this year you can re enter next year
and the year after
50 thousand words is a slog, and I know that, so there is no shunning or naming and shaming or anything like that

Next year I'll be running several side competitions, 25k to 50k, 10k -25k and a wildcard which has a specific theme to be announced later.

you can enter all or none of these.
Same rules apply - anything but deathfic goes
all stories will be rated on the british movie system (we're more generous) and will contain a generic warning (ie adult themes - adult situations) to remove spoilers.

When you do finish email me the completed story at nightwing1238 AT yahoo dot co dot uk
making sure it's clearly labelled as weiss novella (I get a lot of spam)

Now in that last dash for the finish
enjoy yourselves
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just an update

This one does what it says on the tin
just a reminder
this is the LAST MONTH to get your entries finished
I know some of you have already dropped out along the way
Having been there done that I'm not taking anything as set in stone until the deadline (you might yet surprise yourself)

You have 25 days left
plenty of time if you ignore that Christmas thing

there is no repercussions if you don't finish
if you think you need the extension let me know it's easily arranged
but don't sit and fret
if you finish you finish, if you don't you don't
and hopefully we all get great new fics to read at the end of it

(no subject)

just to let you know that the contest officially opens tomorrow

now I know some of you have started and that's fine
mostly this is just a ping to say if you want to play you need to get started about now

as a reminder the minimum entry is 50k but there is NO maximum
there are no theme or pairing restrictions

so enjoy yourselves!
and I'm here if you need me